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Freedom Adventure Podcast

Aug 31, 2022

Jan Traflet discusses her book Fearless: Wilma Soss and America’s Forgotten Investor Movement. Wilma Soss was a activist for small shareholders. We discuss the similarities between the 69’s and 70’s and today. We discuss Wilma’s views on civil rights, Marxism and inflation.

Aug 29, 2022

Tate Fegley is excited about liberty and the populist right, but disappointed about their views on trade. The founding founders were individuals with different views. Tariffs are a tax and hurt consumers. The populist right needs to understand the destructive effects of tariffs in American history. America benefits from...

Aug 27, 2022

Raymond C. Niles of AIER says we need to end the gasoline crisis through production, not coercion. Biden is thinking of price fixing, which led to long gas lines in the 1970’s. The fair price is the market price, which is telling us we need to increase oil production. Coercion makes people poorer and production makes...

Aug 26, 2022

Short solo episode saying good riddance to Fauci

Aug 24, 2022

Josiah Neely says government can make climate change worst. We need to cut regulatory tape for clean energy sources. States with utility choice can meet green energy demand better. We need to eliminate subsidies. The solutions for clean energy lie in the free market.