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Freedom Adventure Podcast

Jul 30, 2022

William F. Shughart II of the Independent Institute says the Department of Justice owes tax payers and computer users an apology for the Microsoft Antitrust. Competitors who can’t compete force antitrust not consumers. The main complaint was bundling Internet Explorer with Microsoft. Creative destruction took care of...

Jul 29, 2022

I share some Frederick Bastiat quotes

Jul 27, 2022

Karen Selick says Edward Snowden is wrong about gold. You can now transmit gold with a tap of a button. There are now crypto currencies some even have debit cards. Karen’s choice is Kenesis Money. Karen also gives us an update on Canada’s mandates

Jul 25, 2022

Tony Francois says there are major changes coming to the Clean Water Act. There has been extreme government overreach and families can lose their homes over normal activities. The problem is compounded by 2 different government agencies enforcing the act. We need to give more authority to local governments.

Jul 23, 2022

Vibhu Vikramaditya of Mises Institute says markets promote real equality much more than progressive critics claim. Innovators can’t keep a monopoly for long in a free market. Most businesses fail and entrepreneurs take huge risks. Companies lose market share as competitors enter. Maximizing economic efficiency is a...