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Freedom Adventure Podcast

Aug 17, 2022

Lawrence Reed of FEE say’s China’s great philosophers would be horrified by what Mao and the CCP created. Rothbard called Lau-tzu the first libertarian. Confucius and Mencius were anti-authoritarian and believe in harmony and peace. Taiwan should be worried about an invasion.

Aug 15, 2022

Art Carden discusses which economists should have gotten the Nobels before they died. Ludwig Von Mises was a great economist and his student Fredrick Hayek won the Nobel the year he died. Frank H. Knight the father of the Chicago School. Gordon Tullock should have shared the Nobel with James Buchanan. Armen Alchain,...

Aug 13, 2022

Joseph Soils -Mullen defends defaulting on national debt. Super powers defaulting is a rule not an exception. Nixon defaulted when he reneged on the Bretton Woods system. We can never repay the debt. Defaulting would cause little pain to ordinary Americans and give us huge gains.

Aug 12, 2022

Short solo episode about talking liberty

Aug 10, 2022

John Staddon says Science is in trouble. The systems include bickering and vacillation over Covid and climate change hysteria. Politics and passion are huge problems. The social sciences have become too niche so scholars don’t get the proper criticism. Scientist have become writers.